What is JIRA?

JIRA is the Jacob's Island Resident's Association.

Who runs JIRA?

There is a committee comprising officers, project champions and Block representatives. 

What does JIRA do?

We aim to act in the best interest of residents (both owners and tenants) at Providence Square, Providence Tower and Springalls Wharf. In particular, we liaise and negotiate with the management company, Peverel OM, in order to press for site improvements (e.g. gardening, security, cleaning etc.) and to reduce management charges.

We have a good working relationship with Peverel OM and actively engage with them to ensure that contracts for work needing to be done are put out to competitive tender and that contractors are appointed on the basis of best value for money.

JIRA has a formal constitution - click here to see it

What have JIRA done so far?

JIRA was instrumental in organising the freehold purchase for Jacob's Island that completed in October 2001. We have also been extremely successful in containing management and site costs while at the same time improving services. We review and challenge the management accounts and we take action on behalf of individual members where there are problems or concerns of general interest.

There is no doubt that JIRA has very considerable influence and has achieved results that individuals could not. With a site as large as ours there will always be problems and without JIRA these will either not be addressed, or not addressed as quickly as residents would like.

Why should I become a member of JIRA?

Paid-up members of JIRA are informed and consulted on issues affecting their property, and automatically receive minutes of all JIRA meetings. JIRA does not inform, or consult with, non-members.

JIRA respresents your views to the managing agents, and regularly monitors their progress on action items - so if you think something needs doing, or could be done better, then JIRA can help get it done.

Only by joining JIRA (membership is currently only £10 per calendar year or £20 for 3 years) will you be able to influence issues affecting your property, or know of the action being taken to deal with problems or to improve services.  Membership application formas are on the JIRA notice board in the Concierge area, or can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page.

How can I get in contact with JIRA?

Click here to see how to contact us. We'd love to hear from you. You can also sign up to our mail list. If you want to have your say then why not post something to the forum?.

How are subscriptions used?

The Committee members are unpaid and your subscription largely goes towards the cost of the JIRA AGM (hire of venue, food, drink) to which all paid-up members are invited at no extra charge.

From time to time it may also been necessary for JIRA to obtain legal advice, or to commission a professional report, on issues of general concern. It is obviously much more cost-effective if we do this centrally on behalf of all members.

The subscriptions also cover the hosting of this website, and we do occasionally throw a garden party!