What is JIRA?

JIRA is the Jacob's Island Resident's Association.

Who runs JIRA?

There is a committee comprising officers, project champions and Block representatives. 

What does JIRA do?

We aim to act in the best interest of residents (both owners and tenants) at Providence Square, Providence Tower and Springalls Wharf. In particular, we liaise and negotiate with the management company, Peverel OM, in order to press for site improvements (e.g. gardening, security, cleaning etc.) and to reduce management charges.

Dear Owner/Resident,

JIRA membership fees go towards representing your interests as a resident or property owner at the development, as well as funding drinks at the AGM.

Paid up members:

  • are kept informed about issues affecting their property. (This information is not posted on the website)
  • are consulted about decisions that may affect the development
  • automatically receive Committee meeting minutes (~5 p.a.)
  • new members are brought up-to-date with current issues when they join.



1. The Association shall be known as the Jacob's Island Residents' Association.

2. The Association shall be non-party in politics and non-sectarian.

3. The object of the Association shall be:

  • To promote the exercise of residents' rights and the maintenance of their amenities and environment.
  • To represent the interests of freeholders, leaseholders and tenants within the local community and with the local authorities, the builders, management company and freeholders.

JIRA is the recognised Residents Association for Jacob's Island, which comprises Providence Square, Providence Tower, and Springalls Wharf.

Projects previously progressed by the JIRA Committee include:

  • Improving site security,
  • issue of zoned swipe cards,
  • lighting,
  • unauthorised parking,
  • bicycle racks,
  • lift problems and maintenance,
  • internal and external redecoration,
  • buildings insurance,
  • moat,
  • gardens,
  • trees,
  • improving the main entrance at Providence Square,
  • TV/radio reception,
  • gym improvements,
  • management fee and service level agreement,
  • service contracts,
  • reserve fund,
  • recovery of expenditure.
  • Right to Manage

Paid-up members of JIRA are being kept informed, and consulted on expenditure, with regard to all current projects. JIRA does not inform, or consult with, non-members.

Paid-up members are also sent minutes of JIRA meetings. There are normally 5 committee meetings a year including the AGM.