Download a copy of the welcome leaflet for new residents, also available from the concierge office

Welcome to Jacob's Island

This leaflet has been prepared by the Jacob's Island Residents' Association (JIRA) to provide you with information about the development. JIRA is run by a Committee of unpaid resident volunteers, and we encourage all residents of Jacob's Island to join.

Forms are available from the JIRA notice board in reception or ask the concierge. JIRA members make a valuable contribution to our community and are consulted on development issues, receive regular updates. The JIRA AGM is your opportunity to influence how your development is run.

The properties at Jacob's Island represented by JIRA comprise a total of 269 residential properties in Providence Tower, Springalls Wharf and Providence Square. The development is managed by Consort Property Management, with unpaid Right to Manage Directors (all of whom are residents at the development) overseeing contract appointments and approving expenditure.

Service charges are payable in advance, every six months (1 August and 1 February). Annual accounts to the end of 31 July are independently audited.

The development manager, Angus Bearn 020 7252 3218, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), is on site each week from Monday to Wednesday.

What the Concierge Service Means

The concierge team provides a 24 hour service, overseeing the security and operations of the entire development. They will help with deliveries, parcels, dry cleaning and recorded delivery mail etc. Unfortunately large items and food deliveries cannot be accepted due to a shortage of storage space – please check with the concierge (020 7252 3218) before arranging large deliveries. Please do not ask the concierge to do anything that you would not do yourself.

The concierge team and site staff are provided by the managing agents, Consort Property Management. If you have any queries regarding staff please see the Head Concierge.

Contractors working in apartments

If you are employing contractors, please ensure that they keep within the permitted hours which are:-
Monday-Friday 08.00 - 18.00
Saturday 08.00 - 13.00
Sunday Not permitted
Please make sure that they repair any damage caused in the communal areas and remove rubbish immediately. A key to keep lift doors open for moving materials is available from the concierge. Holding the doors open without a key is likely to cause the lift to fail.


Please consider your neighbour if using a barbecue. Gas barbecues are not permitted for "health & safety" reasons.

Lighting / Cleaning

If you notice any faulty communal lighting or any cleaning deficiencies in any of the common parts, please report it to the concierge team.

Moving In/Out

Please register yourselves/tenants/estate agents with the concierge when moving in/out and have the concierge update your key fob (for security reasons). Please take care not to damage hallways and common areas of the development.

If you need to keep the lift doors open for any length of time please obtain a special key from the concierge for this purpose. This will avoid possible lift failure or damage for which repair will be your liability.

Basic Rules

  • No pets without the permission of the Managing Agent.
  • No bicycles, rubbish, storage or laundry on the landings, corridors or balconies.
  • Bicycle racks are provided for owners of underground parking spaces. Bicycles must be registered with the concierge. Unregistered bicycles are disposed of from time to time.
  • Vehicle maintenance is not allowed on the development.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any common areas including the car park.

Refuse collection

Domestic refuse should be placed in the bins provided.

There are recycling bins around the development for paper, cardboard, cans and glass, batteries and printer ink cartridges.

If you live in Providence Tower, refuse will be collected from the cupboards on your landing. Residents around the water gardens should place rubbish in bin stores in the underground car park, and all other residents in locked bin stores on the surface (see concierge for keys).

You are responsible for the disposal of any large items of waste such as TVs, carpets, beds, mattresses, other furniture etc. Please consult the concierge for the liaison procedure before calling Southwark Council (020 7525 2000) for the collection of large items.


Car parking bays are owned by individual apartment owners and should not be used by anyone else without permission. The spaces must not be used as storage areas of any kind. If you have visitors or contractors, please see the concierge who will advise you of suitable places for them to park.
Motorbikes may only be parked on owned parking bays.


Please maintain a watch for unusual packages or people and inform the concierge if you see anything you believe to be suspicious.
Always ensure that doors close behind you. If you are followed into the building or car parks by anyone or a car and it seems to you to be suspicious, please report it to concierge staff immediately.

There is a telephone link to the concierge office positioned near to the car gate.

Key fobs for the car park gates can be purchased from the concierge. Please be careful with the use of key fobs by other people (tenants, letting agents and contractors etc.) as these are the keys to the entire development and unauthorized use can put everyone at risk.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is the responsibility of the resident unless you live in the Tower or in one of the penthouses on Providence Square ABC Blocks, where windows are cleaned by abseilers every three months.


A full time decorator maintains the highest of standards on the estate. Leaseholders are responsible for maintaining their wooden balcony floor or pontoon decking.


Please be a considerate neighbour at all times and keep noise levels down. Noise between 11pm and 8am is a breach of the lease. Food deliveries should be restricted to between 7am and 10pm. If you experience a problem with noisy neighbours or deliveries, please inform the concierge staff.


The common parts are equipped with alarms and safety systems.

However, smoke alarms fitted in your apartment are not centrally monitored. In the event of fire in your apartment, call the fire brigade on 999, vacate the premises, and alert your immediate neighbours and the concierge.

Do not use the lifts in event of fire.


Please report any water leaks immediately to the concierge. Prompt action will greatly reduce the damage and the cost of the repairs and subsequent service charge bills.

How can you help?

The concierge has a secure place where they can keep spare keys with the consent of the apartment residents. It will help them to minimise the potential impact of an accident if you give them a set for safekeeping, and also comes in handy if you lock yourself out.


The gardens are for you to use and enjoy. They are serviced by a full time gardener who is also responsible for the moat, and door planters etc. If you have any concerns regarding any of these matters please let the concierge know.

Benches are provided around the garden; please do use them but clear away any litter before you leave. Please keep off the grass.

Gym / Sauna

These are for the use of all of the residents at any time but please respect your neighbours if it is very early or very late. If you notice any damaged or faulty equipment please report this to the concierge staff immediately. A water fountain and TV are provided in the gym.

Please do not change the settings on the air conditioning or the dehumidifiers without consulting the concierge staff.

Useful Contacts

For more information about the development, including Right to Manage and the freehold companies, please visit the JIRA website at

Development Manager: Angus Bearn This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 020 7252 3218

The concierge office: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 020 7252 3218

Contact the concierge for development information including repairs and maintenance to your property and local information such as schools, churches, dry cleaning and laundry, minicabs etc.

Consort Ltd (customer service): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0333 321 4045 - for maintenance and service charge account queries, or contact the Development Manager.

Buildings insurance (Kingsborough): 01425 632341

Gas emergency: 0800 111 999
Electricity emergency: 0800 028 0247
Water emergency: 0845 920 0800
Southwark Council re Noise and Nuisance: 020 7525 5777

Fire, Ambulance, Police (in an emergency): 999

Police (non-emergency): 101 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

323 Borough High Street,  London SE1 1JR  


St Thomas's A&E: 020 7188 7188 Open 24 hours every day - 120 Westminster Bridge Rd, SE1 7EH.
Guys Urgent Care (walk in): 020 7188 7188 Daily 08.00 to 20.00  Great Maze Pond Road, SE1 9RT