The Public Open SpacePublicOpenSpace

This is the block of open land between Bermondsey Wall West and the Thames River Wall, directly opposite the main ABC blocks of Providence Square. It is bordered to the east (downstream) by Providence Tower, and is bordered to the west (upstream) by Reed Mills.

Who owns the Public Open Space?

The land itself is jointly owned by two of the Freehold companies - Providence Tower and ABC - which are in turn owned by a subset of the residents. The reason for the joint ownership is that the land adjoins (and primarily affects) both of these groups of residents.

Who manages the Public Open Space?

The Public Open Space is managed by our Managing Agents as part of the development.

Could the Public Open Space ever be built on?

Almost certainly not. Any change of use of the Public Open Space would require consent of both of the Freehold companies, which in turn would require consent of a significant number (~100) of residents of both ABC and Providence Tower. One of the reasons for putting the space in joint ownership between those two Freehold entities was to protect it.

What's the plan for the Public Open Space?

JIRA is working with the Managing Agents to improve and brighten up the space.