DiggingJacobsIslandarchaeology smallThis great article from Modern Archaeology magazine, published in the March 2012 issue to mark the 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens' birth, charts the excavations carried out by the Museum of London on the Jacob's Island site in 1996, prior to construction of Providence Square.

It's a fascinating history of our corner of London, illustrated with plenty of colourful images and references, and gives an excellent perspectives on the rise, fall, and subsequent rise of the Jacob's Island area.  

The full article shows artifacts recovered from the site of Folly Ditch, and pictures showing the foundations of one of the former mills on the site.

Courtesy to the editors of the magazine, a full PDF copy of the article, including the images and more details of the finds, is available to JIRA members after logging in to the website.

DiggingJacobsIsland Preview